Leg nerve pain got you down?

No matter the cause, we have the pain relief solution for you.

Leg pain brought on by damaged or compressed nerves can be the result of many causes that have now threatened to put you out of commission. Take control and find out more about nerve pain.

Our doctors have several minimally invasive, non-invasive and non-drug pain relief treatments to calm your nerves, literally and figuratively speaking. Explore our pain management procedures now.

Florida Pain Relief Group offers unparalleled pain management solutions in Tampa that will allow you take your life back and send the discomfort packing. Contact the Tampa pain experts now!

Is it sciatica or something else?

If there isn’t a more obvious and immediate reason for the onset of leg pain like a fresh injury, those suffering with pains in their legs might assume sciatica is the reason. Sciatica is a result from compression on the sciatic nerve that runs from your lower back, through your hips and buttocks, and down your legs into your feet. The sciatic nerve and it’s branches extend quite a ways and can certainly be the reason you’re experiencing sharp, lasting pain.

While a common reason, sciatica may not be the one causing your current pain. There are several other known causes of nerve pain that can be the possible trigger for your discomfort such as anything from vitamin deficiencies to complications with existing disorders like diabetes and lyme disease.

It’s recommended that you speak with one of our pain management professionals to stem the tide of your leg pain before further complications have a chance to happen. Don’t be imprisoned by pain. Set yourself free today.

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